Nominal Values
Intervention in the circulation of money (jointly with Esteban Alvarez)
(2005 - 2006)
After having added elaborate drawings on bills (Argentinean pesos), they were presented as payment in the normal course of purchases and debt cancellation. Each employee or businessman or woman had the authority to accept or reject them, thus determining their fate. The bills that were accepted continue to circulate as legal tender; the bills that were rejected entered into the art circuit as drawings.
El arte no nos libera de absolutamente nada
ACC Galerie, Weimar, Germany
Arte y Capital
Curator: Viviana Usubiaga
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Rosario, Argentina
press (in English): 1
II Bienal de Jafré
Curators Mario Flecha and Carolina Grau
Jafré, Spain
press (in English): 1
Nominal Values
(text published in Canecalón magazine, No. 11, Buenos Aires, 2006)
Money is a tired cliché; whether we like it or not, it connects us, everyone to everyone. In "Nominal Values", a project that began last year, we make drawings with ball-point pens-somewhat [pueriles] but precise-on the bills that we use day to day, pushing the limits of their being accepted. With every purchase, the person who has the last word on the validity of the bill presented is the person receiving it. And when that person, that authority, decides that it no longer serves for monetary exchange in the real world, the bill then passes on to the art world.
We present a fragment of this project here, in the form of documentation of the images and destination [destino] of some of the bills that were accepted at the point of making a purchase or paying for some service, and that continue to circulate today. We also reproduce one of the bills that was "rejected", now forming part of the art world.
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